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Justice Tsunami

The Emergency Committee for Justice, which consists of a number of non-governmental organizations and anti-corruption activists in Indonesia, states that Indonesia should solve the problem of corruption. This is clearly demonstrated by the substance of the tape of intercepted telephone communications within the Commission which was played at the Constitutional Court yesterday, 3 November 2009.

For us, the case Bibit - Chandra is only the tip of the iceberg, of the problems caused by theJudicial Mafia. Through the tape, the public can see for themselves how Anggodo, the brother of Anggoro, the suspect of corruption cases, could arrange things. Through the tape, the public also knows how the Attorney General and Police actually support Anggodo in order to  criminalise  the Leadership of the Commission.

If in the case of the criminalization of the Commission the police and prosecutors are so confident with the engineering Anggodo, what about other cases that had no public attention?

Corruption in law enforcement bodies is has reached such levels that it aims to make us believe that corruption is the reason why in many cases of fraud, corruption, human rights violations, environmental destruction, and many other cases, the law does not work. The greatest impact of corruption among law enforcement is the loss of justice for the people. If the brokers can arrange the law enforcement and if the police and prosecutors can be controlled by the corrupt, then there will be no justice for the people. Justice will not be realized if  corruption, especially the mafia courts, is not eradicated completely.

The pivotal issue can not be resolved only through the establishment of Facts Verification Team (TVF) newly formed several days ago. TVF does not have enough power, authority and resources to dismantle the various scandals with the Attorney General and the Police. TVF also does not have sufficient authority to dismantle the various scandals that attract public attention and became the beginning of the criminalization of Bibit - Chandra, the Century Bank scandal.

Corruption by law enforcement is a threat to democracy. Democracy can only be sustained by an independent judicial power, with credibility and integrity. Democracy can only work if there is rule of law. Without it all, democracy is actually only standing on a foundation of sand that easily collapses. Mob justice is really a threat to democracy.

The recording which was played in the trial Court yesterday also showed us all that the judiciary can not be expected to provide justice. Justice is still not affordable if we are tainted by the law of corruption practices.

Therefore, truly the case of Bibit - Chandra shows only the tip of the iceberg of the lack of justice in Indonesia. The tape should be an indication of major problems that must be resolved by the President as soon as possible. If the case is not resolved soon, we fear that democracy is under threat and justice will be farther away from the people.

Therefore, in response to the recording on the Court, we demand

1. The President should immediately take the strategic and concrete steps to clean up the judicial mafia. This is not the time for the President to be busy to maintain an image, because what happened really is the destruction of credibility, respectability and legitimacy of the judiciary and a tsunami for justice.

2. The President should immediately clean the Attorney General's Office and the Police of corrupt practices, compromise and various other abuses. Cleaning is not enough just to remove the Attorney General and the Police, but also ensures high-level officials at both institutions are filled by people who have integrity.

3. The President and other state agencies must provide political support to the Commission to sweep both institutions. Especially since the real mandate of the Commission is dealing with corruption cases involving law enforcement and supervision of prosecutors and police in law enforcement corruption cases.

4. Encouraging advocates of cleaning up corruption. The recording are played by the trial Court is evidence of the role of advocates in the judicial mafia, a reality that has been neglected. Therefore, rather than being busy fighting about the organization it is more important to encourage the cleanup of corruption involving the advocates.

5. The commission should also investigate the Century case scandal that was the beginning of the dispute of “Cicak vs Crocodile”. The Commission was systematically hampered to conduct law enforcement in the alleged corruption involving political and economic elite. Therefore, to restore public confidence in the government,  the case must be completed by the Century Commission.
Jakarta, 4 November 2009

Emergency Committee for Justice:
ICW, KontraS, Walhi, Imparsial, PBHI-Jkt, PKMI, PPRP, Kiara, KRHN, IKOHI, TI Indonesia, PEC,  JSKK, Pimp. Pemuda Al Irsyad, PB HMI MPO, IPC, Neo Indonesia Timur, HRWG, Demos, JAMAN, Koalisi NGO Aceh, Asmara Nababan, Suciwati, Bambang Widodo Umar, Dadang Trisasongko, Romo Sandyawan, Indra J Piliang, LeIP, PSHK, MM. Billah, Yayasan SET, LBH Masyarakat, LBH Jkt, PATTIRO, and others.