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Music Concert: A Healthy Indonesia Against Corruption

Jakarta 8 November 2009, As a form of expression of the desire to realize an Indonesia that is free from corruption, a number of musicians with cicak communities hosted ‘Healthy Indonesia Fight Corruption’.

SLANK, Oppie Andaresta, Once Dewa, Jimmo Kadri PRINZES OF THE RHYTHM (KJP), Greenhouse Effect, Neutral Good, Deby Nasution (Gang Pegangsaan), etc. will share the stage of the Healthy Indonesia Music Concert Against Corruption, on Sunday, hours 08.00 am, Bundaran Hotel Indonesia.

Various elements of society will also take part in the Concert by doing a healthy walk and exercise around the National Monument and Bunderan HI.

This activity is also a means of support for the movement and against the weakening of the Anti Corruption Commission working towards an Indonesia that is clean and free of corruption.

”We have jointly urged the government to make Indonesia free of corruption”, explained Teten Masduki. In line with Teten, Faris RM also revealed, “I feel obliged to support efforts to improve the system in Indonesia”.

Rasa’s call to make Indonesia clean and free of corruption is what inspired the artists in the capital to continue to support the cicak community.

Since the process of the case indicates a weakening and the criminalization of the Commission, the cicak has conducted campaigns against the weakening and criminalization through music performances, poetry readings, creating a wall mural-walled, Bangkok, and events on this day.

Jakarta, 06 November 2009

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