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100 days SBY: Forms the Decree on Ad Hoc Human Rights Court
The case of Kidnapping and Forced Disappearances Activists 1997-1998


New Government, the United Indonesia Cabinet (KIB) II has been inaugurated. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in a speech promising; improving people's welfare, strengthening democracy, and enforcement of justice.

President mentioned on the justice agenda that we expect no escape from justice agenda for the victims and families of the victims of human rights violations. The reformation in the enforcement of human rights and justice that promised so far, have not touched the settlement of such gross human rights violations; tragedy in 1965, Tanjung Priok, 1984, 1989 Talangsari, Activists kidnapped and disappeared in 1997-1998, May 1998 Tragedy and Trisakti, Semanggi I and II, 1997 / 1998.

For the case of enforced disappearance activists in 1997/1998, House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) 2004-2009 period, on September 28, has endorsed recommendations for handling discussion Investigation Results enforced disappearances period 1997-1998. These recommendations have been submitted to the President of the Parliament. The contents of these recommendations are;

1. Recommend to the President to establish an Ad Hoc Human Rights Court
2. Recommend to the President and all government institutions and related parties to immediately conduct a search of 13 people by the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) is still listed as missing
3. Recommend to the Government to rehabilitate and provide compensation to the families of the missing
4. Recommend to the government to immediately ratify the Convention against Enforced Disappearances as a form of commitment and support to stop the practice of Enforced Disappearances in Indonesia.

The recommendation is a positive step for the enforcement of human rights, so it should be, if the President and Second KiB follow recommendations made in the 100-day program of work, including the right:

1. Issuing a Presidential Decree on the Formation of an ad hoc human rights court for the case of enforced disappearances
2. Issuing a Presidential Decree on the establishment of the Commission for Missing Persons to search the 13 victims still missing
3. Establishing Presidential Regulation or Government Regulation of Rehabilitation and Compensation Mechanisms for Victims and families of the victims. Regulation or regulation must answer the deadlock of PP No.3/2002 on Compensation, Restitution and Rehabilitation was not operational
4. Integrating the ratification of Convention against enforced disappearances in the National Legislation program (Prolegnas) and RANHAM 2009-2014, with orders to the Minister of Justice and Human Rights to review and preparation.


Jakarta, 23 Oktober 2009
The Commission of the disappeared and victims of violence (KONTRAS)
The Indonesian Association of Families of the Disappeared (IKOHI)
The victims and families of gross human rights violation