Press Release
[ dilihat 128 kali ]

BIN chief Sutanto;
The opening of the Intelligence Operations of Munir murder, 100 High Priority Work Day

The new of the National Intelligent (BIN) chief challenges the factual, real and urgent in the first 100 days to reveal the tops murder conspiracy of Munir through intelligence operations which is involving the BIN, as it is evidenced in all legal documents in the court of Muchdi Pr, Pollycarpus Priyanto, Indra Setiawan and Rohainil Aini.

Some points underlie as follows:
1. Munir's operation proved abuse of authority. This shows how the position of the state intelligence agencies did not comply with the law and the internal mechanisms in the BIN which  is devoted to personal or group interests;
2. Operation of Munir's murder is a BIN resistance against the reform agenda, including the reform of the State Intelligence Agency who was championed by Munir.

State Intelligence Agency who worked on the basis of the mandate of the ideal law for the benefit of the country, Sutanto has an obligation to reform this institution as a whole. It can pass the exam if Sutanto successfully dismantle of the murder of munir as part of intelligence operations. In the context of the case of Munir, there are some significant points to be done:

1. Open and cooperative in solving the case of munir, by providing the documents needed in the legal process to support new evidence of law (Novum) for the trial of Muchdi Pr;
2. Provide institutional commitment to encourage, allow and protect the Agents and BIN officials to provide information and testimony related to the operation of Munir's murder.

In addition, the mandate to reform the body of the State Intelligence Agency, the capacity of Sutanto who becomes the Chief of Police before as chief of state intelligence or in other words, he was the most understanding of intelligence operations involving the murder of Munir in State Intelligence Agency.
Jakarta, October 21, 2009
Solidarity Action Committee for Munir (KASUM)