Press Release
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Recommendations Follow the House of Representatives Special Committee on enforced disappearances: 

.. find my child, if found there where, if healthy there where, if the dead where his tomb, I do not care who the perpetrator, like generals though .. "Mrs Tuti Koto, mother of abducted persons, Yani Rian aka Apri 

Victims and Victims Family Activists Abduction and Removal of Victim Families 1997-1998 and other human rights violation with IKOHI, KONTRAS, SETARA INSTITUTE, YLBHI, ELSAM and other civil society will ensure these recommendations to guard able to bring about justice for the victim, the victim's family, and sense of justice community. 

Parliament Plenary decision approving the conclusion & recommendation of the Special Committee (Special Committee) House of Representatives of enforced disappearances should be appreciated. This decision automatically terminate the legal debate about the establishment of procedures for the Ad Hoc Human Rights Court of the Attorney General and the House of Representatives, especially in handling cases of abduction and forced disappearance. 

Decision House is now a political basis and legal foundation to complete the formation of the Ad Hoc Human Rights Court. 

And is the legal mandate for the President, according to Article 43 of Law 26/2000 on Human Rights Court, to seek the establishment of ad hoc Human Rights Court. 

All the Commission's investigation, a recommendation the House of Representatives, and hold the Attorney General of the Parliament recommendations as the basis of the formation of the Ad Hoc Human Rights Court, is evidence that state institutions have been admitted had been gross human rights violations in this case. 

There is no political obstacle to the Attorney General unless immediate investigation involving an ad hoc investigation team from outside the Supreme Court who has high moral integrity. Attorney General needs to involve elements of society to run more serious investigation for the sake of justice (pro justicia) of cases by the National Human Rights Commission has thoroughly investigated and concluded there had been gross human rights violations. 

The momentum of this decision the House recommendations appropriate, given on October 20, the next President of the Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Boediono be officially sworn in as president and vice president-elect 2009-2014. This new leadership is obligated to enter the agenda of the Special Committee recommendations follow the House of Representatives as one of the main agenda of human rights enforcement in Indonesia, especially for the first 100 days of his leadership. 

We urged the new leadership of SBY-Boediono take steps operational executives as follows: 

1. Issuing a Presidential Decree on the establishment of the Ad Hoc Human Rights Court for cases enforced disappearances. 

2. Issuing a Presidential Decree on the establishment of the Commission for Missing Persons to search the 13 victims still missing.
3. Establishing Presidential Regulation or Government Regulation of Rehabilitation and Compensation Mechanism for the victims and their families. Regulation or regulation must be answered Regulation No. impasse. 3 / 2002 on Compensation, Restitution and Rehabilitation was not operational. 
4. Integrating the ratification of Convention against enforced disappearances in the National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) and RANHAM 2009-2014, with orders to perform assessment by the Minister of Law and Human Rights and the preparation of ratification. 

To the House of Representatives 2009-2014, we were reminded that in the coming period to ensure the supervision and control mechanisms that periodically against political recommendations the Parliament which requires follow-up by the government. 

New leadership must be able to make a breakthrough from the previous leadership. With the House recommendation, SBY has a chance to break the culture of impunity (immunity) and the absence of punishment (impunity) for this. 

The amount of power of the Democratic political party and his coalition of political capital is sufficient for SBY to dismiss any doubts that allow for a political decision! 

Jakarta, 29 September 2009