Press Release
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Solidarity Action Committee for Munir (KASUM) urge President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) to use his new mandate to continue the investigation of Munir case. Kasum calls the President to ensure Attorney General Hendarman Supandji delivers special legal act through review and calls Kapolri Bambang Hendarso Danuri to reactivate Munir case team.

The accquittal of Muchdi PR indicates the weakness of law institution in delivering justice, especially when dealing with a abuse of power case and state institution like the National Inteligence Body. Furthermore it will halt the process of inteligence reform. Because of that, President action needed as a pressing moves and presidential responsibility.

Those presidential moves are not a form of execuive interventions towards Judiciary but a test if the executive willing to take more effort and never give up in promoting the rule of law over the assasination case of Human Rights Defender, Munir. As pointed out by the Supreme court, the attorney general could not deliver reason to bring up to the final appeal. Kasum see that the NO verdict by the Supreme Court was caused by the weak final appeal memory, delivered by the public prosecuter.

Hence, Kasum regrets the Supreme Court verdict that denied the effort of final appeal (NO) by the public prosecutor. Kasum see that the final appeal court assembly in Muchdi case did not put into account the consistency of the previous verdict, especially the case of Pollycarpus, Rohainil Aini and Indra Setiawan that leads to Muchdi PR role as an intelectual actor.

So far there are three person found guilty in the case of Munir assassination: Pollycarpus -pilot Garuda, Indra Setiawan –former director of Garuda, and Rohainil Aini -sekretary Chief Pilot. But they are hard to believed as the intelectual actors in Munir assassination case. With the accquittal  of Muchdi PR, thus further investigation of other parties investigation in planning Munir assassination will face a serious obstacles.

Despite of that, we see there are still an opportunity in legal process, eventhough tremendous effort of the law enforcer and highest executive were needed. We see the general prosecutor could request for a review accompanied by new strong evidence from police investigation results.

This case has become the barometer of law and human rights enforcement in Indonesia . Success claim of law and human rights reform will be denied due to the failure of our law system in revealing the main intelectual actor of Munir assassination case.

Jakarta , 16th July 2009