Press Release
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We strongly condemned the bomb explosion in hotel area located in the Jakarta city center, namely J.W.D. Marriot and Ritz Charlton. We condemned every form of brutal violence with all motives. We also express our deeperst symphaty to the victims and victim families, both killed and wounded victims, and both Indonesian or foreigner victims.

The bombing add more challenges for current government, the SBY-JK administration, that moments ago had a serious security challenges in Papua.

This Simoultant incident was a hard blow for SBY reputation that was appreciated due to his presidential election winning potential. This was a direct challenge for Indonesian democracy success reputation.

This bombing incident also a hard blow for the police that is in their final progress in capturing the main terorist actors in Indonesia . Unique fact that this incident was perceivedly shown to influence Indonesian reputation in International community. Hence, we did not concludes to a specific scenario.

We urge the government to conduct strong investigation through the police institution to bring down those who are responsible. And we also calls for inquiry and investigation process that still uphold opennes, objectivity, neutrality, public accountability, and fair rule of law and Human Rights.

Violence is not a means in democracy, we strongly believe this with our full ratonal and conciense. We believe that democracy in Indonesia will develop fully in a state of peace, dialogue, just, humanist and non violence. We witness, that all parties, especially the civil society had work hard to establish non violent democracy in Indonesia .

Thus, we calls all parties to save Indonesian democracy, and reiterates our believes that democracy could only established and built in a manner of peace, just, solidarity, plurality, humanist and respect towards Human Rights. Democracy and peace will never generates from violence, ever. Today, Indonesia is in grief, but we reaffirms our believe towards non violent democracy.


Jakarta, 17th July 2009

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