Press Release
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Development of the Munir case:
 Examination Towards Judges of Muchdi Pr case by Judicial Commission

Solidarity Action Committee for Munir (KASUM) welcomed the examination process of the South Jakarta Districts Court’s Panel of Judges who had set free Muchdi Pr in the indictment of planning the murder of the Deceased Munir, they are Judge Soeharto, Ahmad Yuzak and Haswandi. This examination is expected to bring justice for victims and bring truth for the public.

In the examination results and expectations, KASUM convey some important notes, namely;

First, KASUM expects Judicial Commission to work immediately and submit the examination results of  South Jakarta District Court’s judges to the Supreme Court (MA) of the Republic of Indonesia. This is important, because the results of the examination could became an additional base for Supreme Court’s panel of judges final appeal  to review  the defendant Muchdi PR case.

Second, KASUM urged the Supreme Court issued a final appeal verdict of Muchdi Pr case due to expired period of 5 month, similar to the earlier appeal process of defendant Pollycarpus that only takes 5 month.

Third, as the public examinations result towards  Muchdi Pr not guilty verdict on 18 April 2009 ago, that the verdict to free Muchdi Pr have a lot of awkwardness, for instance, the Panel of Judges had weaken a legal evidence over defendant testimony. This shows that the Panel of judges which tried Munir murder case with the defendant Muchdi Pr was not credible.

Jakarta, June 8 2009
Solidarity Action Committee for Munir (Kasum)