Press Release
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Requesting NEC to insert Human Rights theme in the Presidential/Vice Presidential Candidate debate as Commitment in Human Rights Enforcement

To The Distinguished.
Chairman of The National Election Commission
Abdul Hafidz Anshary
 in Place

With all Respect,
Through this letter, we the civil society groups which concern for democratization and Human Rights enforcement in Indonesia request the National Election Council to put Human Rights theme in an agenda for the Presidential/ Vice Presidential candidacy debate, that will complete the issues of debate for this Presidential/ Vice Presidential candidacy debate. Based on track record of the candidate, clearly shown that Human Rights is not there priority Eventhough they were ask to present their future Human Rights programme, they will likely to present it normatively or just merely a lip service. 

We see that the obligation for the state to respect, protect and enforce Human Rights, must put into real practice as a form of pure nation political comitment. After 10 years of reform, many Human Rights case happened, should given serious attention by the candidates of national leadership. This could not be responded by a mere normative stance.

First, Recognition of Human Rights discourse in various existing formal legislation- including the constitution- implies that Human Rights is a collective consensus that became a framework in the nation livelihood. Meanwhile, the implementation is still low.
Second, weak respect, protection and enforcement of the Human Rights because the state still neglect economic, social, and cultural rights of the citizen. Hunger, malnutrition, poverty, expensive education, lack of health facility, environment disruption are a few serious humanity issues that could threat the future of the nation.

Third, the absence of political will to protect and fulfill Human Rights of the citizen. Long and slow handling of the Lapindo hotmud, no freedom of religion, ongoing capital punishment, and enduring violence to indigenous people trying to preserve their land and home, are issues need to be solved. Not to mention the existence of candidate with a track record of Human Rights gross violance involvement in the past. In the reality, several succession of political leadership in this country, didnt gave just solution in solving Human Rights violation in the past, either legally or politicaly. This enduring process will preserve impunity that is suppose to be abolish.

We are deeplu concern if this discourse didnt discussed clearly, than it will became an attempt to avoid state responsibility over similar incidence in the future. Meanwhile, demand for responsibility of past regime will remain exist, as long those Human Rights cases never been solved. Nevertheles, State’s obligation to conduct investigation, execution and remedy for the victim will endure forever. dituntaskan.

It is the utmost importance to be able to hear the future leader debates of their effort on implementing respect, protection, fulfillment and enforcement of Human Rights, it will be an indicator to measure their political commitment in favour of their people. The people have the right to consider their choice in order to obtain future President and Vice President with a clear programme in fulfilling their Human Rights.

Hereby so this motion to be consider.
Jakarta, 4 June 2009
Best Regards,
Yayasan LBH Indonesia (YLBHI)
Pusat Studi Hukum dan Kebijakan Indonesia (PSHK)
Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Masyarakat (LBH Masyarakat)
Komisi Untuk Orang Hilang dan korban Tindak Kekerasan (KontraS)
Jaringan Advokasi Tambang (JATAM)
Perhimpunan Bantuan Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia Indonesia (PBHI)