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Save Indonesia
Don’t let Human Rights Violators lead our country!!*

One month has passed since we ended our first phase of General Election, to elects parliament members. The count results from the Commission of General Election (KPU) had conclude 9 Political Party that passed the parliamentary threshold of 2,5%, therefore have the right to be seated in the parliament. On 8 July 2009, we will vote for President and Vice President. So far there are a few names registered for Presidential candidates in KPU.  Those names are, first, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono paired with Boediono. Second, Megawati Soekarno Putri with Prabowo Subianto, and third, M Jusuf Kalla accompanied by Wiranto.  

Practically there are no new faces and younger generation coming from the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. This is mainly caused by our political system that only allows party, with 20% national votes or minimal 25% seat in the parliament, that can register President and Vice President candidates. This mechanism, automatically blocks opportunity for independent candidates and party that couldn’t fulfill those terms, to compete. The question, are those three pairs of old faces candidates, have the will and agenda to enforce Human Rights? And how are their track records? This are the fundamental questions need to be addressed by them.

Reflecting from the long road of 11 years of reformation, practically today, there are no agenda to concludes Human Rights Gross Violations cases. As a democratic State that had adopt various international Human Rights instrument, our government have the obligation  to promote, protect and enforce Human Rights. But the reality is far from ideals. It is hard to imagine the government of 2009-2014 will prioritize Human Rights enforcement agenda. Based on findings of Indonesia’s National Commission of the Human Rights (Komnas HAM) there are few names contested in the upcoming july election, strongly perceived responsible for gross violations to Human Rights cases. Such as Trisakti Tragedy, Semanggi I and II (1998), enforce disappearance of 1997/1998 activist, May tragedy 1998, and the East Timor post referendum case of 1999.

Human Rights case occurred in the past is the main priority for this nation, because our past is the milestones for better future. In the future, our country need leadership figure with courage to unveils our dark history by charging all the Human Rights violators and to remedy the victims right. It is the upmost importance, thus ahead the dark history will never repeat their self. Therefore, we the entire Civil Society united in the Save Indonesia Committee (Komite Selamatkan Indonesia/KSI) redress to all Indonesian people,

First, To be selective and consider the track record of each candidates in related to Human Rights violations.
Second,  Don’t vote for Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates that violates Human Rights, Protecting the Human Rights violator and facilitating Human Rights violators. Because crime against humanity is an enemy for humankind ( hostis humanis generis).

 Third, Use every opportunity in various dialogue forum with presidential and vice presidential candidates to questioned their courage and commitment to solved cases of gross violation to Human Rights, and ensure that no such violations, ever happen again in the future.
Fourth, Let us Save Indonesia by socializing this information to our family, relatives, colleagues,  and the entire Indonesian People.

Jakarta, 22 May 2009
Save Indonesia Committee (Komite Selamatkan Indonesia)
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