Press Release
[ dilihat 128 kali ]
Prosecuting the Absence of Political Ethics We, the activist of 98 united in The Youth Movement (Gerakan Kaum Muda / GKM), express our deepest condolences for the electoral process without political ethics. Political elites showed us political contestation that only serves for money and power. What was presented in this political show wasn’t what we have in our imagination about democratization after the downfall of Soeharto. In a moment for remembrance and strengthening our commitment to the 1998 struggle for reformation, we were called upon to remind that the struggle of the students and peoples back then must be a guidelines for the entire nations and political elites in developing more civilized democratization. Sincere struggle with life casualties (Trisakti, May, Semanggi I and II) of the students and peoples were served for the nation interest. Thus it is in an appropriate manner, for they who held power derived from the reform movement, should use the political institutions to creates common goods, instead being a political predator that ravish their own people and constituent.  We see this nations failed to renew the political practice. Thus all means to achieve power by cheating still invisibly occurred. Money politics undergo shamelessly on current election. Including the neglectment of million’s lost votes of the peoples without rehabilitation. In the other side, the emergence of new actors in power seemed fail to spread and lift the spirit of political tradition and tend to drown in pragmatist interest to safeguard their comfortable position of power. In example, rejection reason from coalition partners of SBY towards Vice President candidate Boediono, had switched from ideological to technical reason. The People hadn’t received their proper recognition. Political Party interest towards people participation only limited on 9 april only. Even when the counting process hasn’t finished, the elites were busy trading their votes for power and money in the Presidential Election. Without caring the existence of mandate or legitimation of the people for their support to the candidates and by neglecting the hard work of legislative candidates selling their promises of change. Party oligarchy has clearly live with ancien culture that feels as a ‘master’ and ‘noble’ over their people. Neglectment conducted by post Soeharto Regime in bringing justice for state violence victims during the reform movement era, had became an entrance for democracy enemies, covered with pro change mask, to hijack democracy. Meanwhile legal process and prosecution to guilty public apparatus will enforce democratic process and stimulates broader reform for public apparatus accountability in the future. Critical reaction from the people over ongoing misconduct, didn’t match with the action of the executive, legislative and judicative, based on their pragmatist power oriented interest. The Government acts arrogant as they had finish their responsibility of facilitating the freedom of speech and expression without touching the demands substantial aspect derived from those freedom. Currently, efforts to strangle freedom of speeches had develop, for example, by prosecution done to Walhi activist in Manado or banning Golput Kongres in Yogya and Bandung. Based on above situation, we redress the people to not easily swayed by the structural and non structural political leader. We reminds the people that trust to political leadership must be based on their action in line with ethical principal that was universally accepted. Civil Society consolidations must create effective bargain power to push state actor for responsible in state governance for the interest of the people. Salute: For Motherland We Serves. Jakarta, 21 May 2009 Youth Movement: Ray Rangkuti (Activist NGO) Ridaya L. Ngkowe (Activist NGO) Edwin Partogi (Activist NGO) Asep Wahyuwijaya (Advocate) Ahmad Wakil Kamal (Advocate) Dedy Mulyana (Advocate) M. Jusril (Advocate) DR. Mahmud Mulyadi (Lecturer) Rikwan ES Manik (Lecturer) Ihsan Haerudin (Profesional) Raymon Lidra Mufti (Profesional) M. Yana Aditya (Profesional) Dadi ... (Profesional) M. Abdurrahman (Profesional) Sarbini (Political Party Activist) Hanif Dakhiri (Political Party Activist) Lutfi Nasution (Political Party Activist) Ahmad Afifi (Political Party Activist) Supriansa (Private Sector) Hairansyah (Member of the Provincional Election Commission) John Muhammad (Activist NGO)  Others