Press Release
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Human Rights Inflation in the Statement of Presidential/Vice Presidential Campaign Team

The Commission on the Disappeared and Victims of Violence (Kontras) along with the victims and family victims of Human Rights violations are content with the commitment of the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates for Human Rights enforcement, stated by their campaign team. But we regret that their statement tried to clouds responsibility for past Human Rights gross violations. Their statement was an attempt to sabotage ongoing legal process. Indirectly, they are stating their agreement for Human Rights enforcement and punishment for Human Rights violators, except for them self. This statement is a form of Human Rights Inflation, an attempt to avoid responsibility, eventhough they pretend to uphold Human Rights. Rejecting and denying responsibility of the past indicates their commitment for Human Rights is a mere lip service.   

We affirms that isn’t true if the legal process of past Human Rights gross violations has ended for The Vice Presidential candidates, Wiranto and Prabowo Subianto. Up to this moment- regardless of rhe ongoing Human Rights legal process that haven’t concludes a single convicts from the entire Human Rights gross violation case in Indonesia- the legal process of Human Rights is still ongoing and havent ended. So far The National Commission on Human Rights as the formal state institution had categorize Human Rights gross violations for the case of East Timor 1999, Trisakti Semanggi I and II, May Riot’ 98, Talangsari 1989, and enforce disappearance of activist 1997/1998. 

Stalling investigation process (for TSS Case, May’98, Talangsari 1989 and enforce disappearance of activist), and the failure of the legal process (East Timor 1999 and Tanjung Priok 1984), didn’t concludes that the whole legal process is halted. If significant change occurred in related institution (such as legal prosecutor, President, or the Parliament), than legally the case can be activated again, because those case cannot be expired and has a retroactive nature. Vice Presidential candidate Wiranto, for example, could became the new suspect in a new ad hoc Human Rights court   (as recommended by expert commission established by the General Secretary of UN). The same condition also applies to Prabowo, because  there havent been any Human Rights ad hoc trials for those cases.

Regretfully, until now, they whose name have been mentioned - explicitly or implicitly- in various report issued by domestic, bilateral and international bodies, still denied their individual responsibility. If they kept denying their responsibility over Human Rights affairs, they couldn’t be held accountable for their other programmes delivered in their campaign period of 2009. We demand full commitment for Human Rights enforcement, not only by promoting Human Rights but also protecting Human Rights that includes legal responsibility to all past, present and future Human Rights violater. From this commitment may the eradication of impunity will reflect us as a more civilized nations.

Jakarta, 28th May 2009