Press Release
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The Verdict of Release for MUCHDI:
Systematically Intervention in the Judicial Process of Muchdi

Committee of solidarity campaign for Munir enquires the credibility of verdict announced by the District Court in the South Jakarta which released Muchdi Purwopranjono as defendant of assassination of Munir. The verdict has injured the gist of justice and it is not consistent to the commitment of government to uphold the law and human rights.

We believe that the verdict is full of political intervention. We are worry that the prosecutor and the judges are under the pressure any parties who has power, thus the independence and objectivity of the court are really easy to be pawned. Ironically, based on the result of our observation during the hearing that there has been found the red thread the involvement of Muchdi PR as a person who as motivator on the assassination of Munir. The judges have intentioned to be partial through the selection of facts to be considered to take decision.   

During the process of the court, we had several notes as follows:
First, at the beginning the prosecutor has produced the weakness of indictments and charge. The prosecutor put into the motive of assassination in the indictment. The other one is, as politically the prosecutor has injured the indictment with the charge of Muchdi only for 15 years.  
Second, the facts elaborated in the hearing proved that the existence of illegal intelligent operation, also involved some members of intelligent body. As part of intelligent operation, it is sure that any acts of crime have been constructed closely, so that the existence evidences supposedly become consideration of the judges to cover the truth.

Third, the assassination of Munir constitutes the case of conspiracy. Unfortunately, the method of verification of evidences done by the judges is not accurate to verify the involvement of any parties, in order to extract the series of conspiracy of this assassination. It is supposedly that the verification, evidences and the process of verdict was based on the existence of the conspiracy. In fact, the judges only assess the facts covering in the court as conventionally without looking at the relationship of the series of facts pointed out the existence of the conspiracy. The effect is that all the occurrences as if there is no relationship among each others.    
Fourth, from the consideration of verdict proved that there is involvement of intelligent body in abuse of power. This consideration may become the point to find out the root of abuse of power committed by public official as a violation of law, so it has to be sanction for the perpetrators.   
Fifth, in fact the judges allowed the process of hearing full of intimidation. The withdrawal of witnesses of some members of intelligent body is in similar reasons, which supposedly become consideration of judges in the next process to dig up of the reasons why those witnesses withdrew their witness.

We urge the prosecutor to ensure the Cassation will be proceeded to dig up the facts which already covered in the court as well as to concern the facts covered in other process of hearing with other defendants such Pollycarpus and Indra Setiawan.

Especially, we also urge to the President to give concern on the developments of this case. The SBY’s government has to benefit the time at the end of his administration to become true on his promise.

The society already grew up to recognize the obscene language of the judicial system in Indonesia. The international community also pay attention this process as part of commitment of Indonesia to protect human right. The test of our history will become the dark of history if this nation keeps on to be restrained by the power which can not be touch by law. The verdict of South Jakarta district court released Muchdi is not the end of the process to cover the truth on the case of assassination of Munir.

Jakarta, 1 January 2009  
Committee of solidarity campaign for Munir (KASUM)