Press Release
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To Resolve The Case of Munir is a Challenge for Human Rights' Uphold 2008

Indeed, that justice is a mandate in the constitution and guaranteed as state principle. 

The law has to bring into justice for all of Indonesian people. Nobody can be treated and enjoy for his immunity, but should be equal before the law. Then, to uphold the law should be carried out impartially. No crime and person committed crime may release of the punishment.  

The conspiracy of assassination to the one of human right defender of Munir was committed on 7 September 2004, is the serious threatening to the democracy and uphold of law and human rights. The effect of threatening is directly to the human rights defender, environment activists, women activist, pluralism creator, journalism and other groups of pro democracy.   

The judicial process of the case of Munir has been moving from the accuser of Pollycarpus BP (Pilot of Garuda), Indra Setiawan (the former of Director of Garuda) and now is defendant of Muchdi Pr (the former of Deputy V of National Intelligent Body). Those processes of judiciary prove that the reform of intelligent, the appraisal of corruption and independence of judiciary in Indonesia are really urgent to be carried out. As a whole, the case of Munir is a test for Indonesian's nation toward the better changes.

From those hearings of defendant of Muchdi PR which has been carry out for 22 times since 30 August 2008, we observe that the red thread of the involvement of Muchdi as motivator of Munir's murder has been scattered.

Therefore, we did not find the reason to be accurate to release Muchdi from his charge which has been examined in the court. The witnesses and evidences obviously pointed out the involvement of Muchdi in this conspiracy, then raising other offender in this murder.

The murder of Munir is not only to prove the evil conspiracy planned, but also there is a state abuse in terms of intelligent institution authority to commit murder to the human rights activist. Therefore, the judges are supposedly to give serious punishment.    

For that reason, we urge the judges to perform as a fair judge, as an impartial who will be able to distance of the bribe and to be brave to confront any pressure or intimidation to them. Again, we remind to the judges to perform their integrity and future perspective in order to achieve the acknowledge judiciary for justice seekers.      

We also remind to the nation's commitment and international community for justice of Munir. Our president said that the case of Munir is as "test of our history", followed by Presidential decree on fact finding team. The special team of parliament had released essential recommendations regarding the Indonesian's acknowledgement in the international community. Then, UN Special Rapporteur, President and Parliament of European Union urged Indonesian government to resolve and prosecute people committed the Munir's murder seriously.       

The verdict of judges tomorrow will be the one of measurements for this country to move the right way or keep on to deny the truth and justice.

Regarding the new history of upholds for justice has to be created to achieve the future without burden, we are as part of victims, citizen and the creators of changes assert:    

 First, the verdict of Muchdi at the end of this year does not mean "closing a book" for justice of Munir. The government cc the legal state apparatus has to capture other person who committed crime of Munir's murder. In fact, other offender already had covered up during the process of hearing.    
Second, the upcoming election 2009 may not become the reason of stuck of the legal process to other offender.   

Third, the state intelligent has to be controlled under the law and professional through taking care of democracy value and honour to the human rights. It means that there is no such crime as the case of Munir in Indonesia    

 Jakarta, 30 December 2008


The committee of solidarity campign for Munir