Press Release
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European Union’s Parliament Urges Indonesia Government to Resolve Munir Case 

Action Solidarity for Munir (KASUM) releases a statement that in 13 March 2008, 412 members of European Union’s Parliament have adopted a written declaration on Munir case. That written declaration (Declaration No. 98/2007) indicates European Parliament’s concern on the judicial process of Munir case. In afore-mentioned declaration, EU Parliament encourages Indonesian government to take a quick measure on resolving Munir case. Indonesian government should bring all the perpetrators and those who are involved in the assassination of Munir to the court and the justice should be upheld.

The Declaration also urges EU Commission and Board to continually oversee the Munir case investigation, including judicial process that is now on-going. In their third point, the EU Parliament instructs the President of EU and all the signatories to follow up this recommendation to all European governments and parliaments, Indonesian president, chairperson of Indonesian Parliament and Indonesian People Assembly.

The Declaration was a result of continuing hard work by members of EU Parliament members, as follows: Raül Romeva i Rueda, Eija-Riitta Korhola, Jules Maaten, Glyn Ford and Ana Maria Gomes since 12 November 2007. Up till 12 March 2008, the international campaign on Munir case has been supported by 412 members of the Parliament (about 52% from 795 Parliament’s members) that made it adopted as European Union’s Parliament Declaration.

In their consideration, 412 members of EU Parliament emphasize the importance of Munir’s case resolution because this case is not only a threat to all Indonesian human right defenders and journalists, but also to the protection and promotion of human rights in Indonesia. This concern has been implemented in the programme and cooperation with Indonesian government, particularly with Indonesian Police Department and Supreme Prosecutor to investigate and find the mastermind of Munir’s assassination. Supreme Court decision (25/1) to sentence Pollycarpus to 20 years in prison proved the progress.

KASUM deeply appreciated EU’s concern to the Munir case and views this initiative as the significant support of EU Parliament and EU for protecting and promoting human rights in Indonesia. KASUM hopes that Indonesian President, Indonesian Police Department and General Prosecutor welcome this suppport by bringing new suspects, ie. former Deputy V Indonesian Intellegence Agency, Muchdi PR who previously has an intensive communication with Pollycarpus and also starting to investigate former Indonesian Intellegence Agency, AM Hendropriyono.


Jakarta, 17 March 2008.