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Asean Civil Society’s demand on BURMA

International Conference on Burma/Myanmar in Jakarta hosted by Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) – Indonesia’s Coalition of NGO’s on International Human Rights Advocacy – KontraS (The Commission of the “disappeared” and victims of violence), and the Indonesian Coalition for Burma (KMSUB) have organized an international conference on Burma in Jakarta with the theme: “The Role of ASEAN Civil Society in Supporting Human Rights and Democracy in Burma.” The conference will be held in the Aryaduta Hotel has finished in two days. This conference are participated by activists coming from ASEAN member, students, Parliament member, International envoy in Jakarta and Indonesian government presented and discussed current problem in Burma.

The issue of Burma has been raised in international since the monk-led uprising in Burma September 2007. Civil society organizations (CSOs) around the world have increased their advocacy for the improvement of human rights and democracy in Burma. One example has been the urgent appeals to and lobbying of the Human Rights Council regarding Burma.  In a recent session, there was a written and oral statement delivered to the HRC regarding Burma, which was cosponsored by 243 human rights organisations, including 16 NGOs with ECOSOC consultative status.

The referendum offered by SPDC (Military Junta) on May 2008, strengthen international pressure to Junta. The objective of the conference is to respond, to consolidate/unify advocacy strategies of national and regional (ASEAN) civil society organizations regarding human rights and democracy in Burma and develop effective regional and international pressures on the Burmese military government.  The conference also hopes to maintaining the momentum of advocacy on Burma in ASEAN member countries and increasing the awareness of the regional impact of Burmese crisis.

Therefore, this conference recommends:

  1. Insist the government and people of ASEAN to reject the referendum in Burma, except there are steps to guarantee genuine participation from all people and dialog tri-partite with the clear schedule. Tri partite dialogue should be involved  opposition group and ethnic group toward national reconciliation
  2. The UN, International community and regional should insist credible and transparent of referendum as a international standard including monitoring by international observer for referendum 2008 and election 2010
  3. Insist ASEAN to take more active role and support UN envoy, Ibrahim Gambari and on UN special session security council.

Jakarta, 7 March 2008


Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) – Koalisi LSM Indonesia untuk Advokasi HAM International – KontraS (Komisi Orang Hilang dan Korban Tindak Kekerasan), dan Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil untuk Burma Indonesia (KMSUB)