Press Release
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Conspiracy of Munir’s Assasination

Committee of Action in Solidarity for Munir (KASUM) strongly re-urged the Government particularly the police institution to arrest immediately ex- Deputy V State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Muchdi PR and investigate the other suspect’s role following the Supreme Court’s verdict on January 25, 2008.

The Supreme Court (MA) accepted the Case Review (PK) which remanded by Attorney General and thus this verdict annuled previous Supreme Court’s verdict which only sentenced for 2 years in prison for Pollycarpus for fasfiying documents. In PK’s verdict, MA reinstatement of a guilty verdict for Pollycarpus and sentence him for 20 years in prison.

KASUM appraised, MA’s verdict is a real product of Police and Attorney General’s hard work in finding the new evidences. Eventhough not satisfied, we appreciated some positive improvements all this time. For KASUM, law process couldn’t stop with Polly’s repunishment. The law process should finish with dragging and punishing the mastermind.

MA’s verdict strengthens the Fact Finding Team (TPF) lead by Brigadir General Police Marsudhi Hanafi which formed by President SBY on December 2004. TPF insist that Munir’s killing is conspiracy murder or bad collusion from people that’s in the circle of Garuda Indonesia and BIN. In the same direction with TPF’s recomendation, MA is insisting the political motives behind Munir’s killing.

Therefore KASUM strongly demands that MA’s verdict become a new evidence fact to investigate the other perpetrators, such as Muchdi PR and Hendropriyono. Its reference is new facts (novum) which became base of PK consideration, such as the information from Indra Setiawan (ex President Director of Garuda), Raden Padma Anwar or Ucok (BIN agent) and ex Director 51 BIN Budi Santoso.

In the court, Indra Setiawan admitted there was a request from As’ad Said Ali (Vice Chief BIN) to appointed Pollycarpus as Aviation Security. Indra also admitted there was guidance from Muchdi PR (ex Deputy V BIN). The information from Ucok also revealed of Munir’s killing planned, which involved Sentot Waluyo (BIN agent), Johanes Wahyu Saronto (Deputy IV BIN) and Manunggal Maladi (Deputi II BIN). And the most significant testimonies is the information from Budi Santoso and Indra Setiawan regarding the indicated involvement of ex Deputy V BIN Muchdi PR’s as well as telephone relating of Muchdi PR with Pollycarpus.

KASUM also appraised the prosecution for defendant Indra Setiawan (1,6 year) and Rohanil Aini (1 year) on trial in Central Court of Jakarta were not optimal. From Munir family’s side as victim, this criminal prosecution is not reflecting sense of justice and seriousness of Prosecutor as public interest representative and victim interest representative. Suciwati feels, without Indra Setiawan’s role, the murder of her husband almost impossible occurred. Even in judiciary process, the prosecution for Indra Setiawan and Rochainil Aini are below the minimum standard.

KASUM therefore strongly urge President SBY to take futher action immediately to order National Indonesian Police to following the cooperation with BIN to reveal the conspiracy of Munir’s killing by dragging all actors who’s involved in this crime, and prove the government’s sincerity in a test of our history which told by President SBY.


Jakarta, January 26, 2008
Committe of Action in Solidarity for Munir