Press Release
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The Mexican Government Shall Take Immediate Action To Bring Justice to the Forty Three Students on the Peaceful Demonstration in Ayotzinapa

The Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence (KontraS) – a human rights non-governmental organization based in Indonesia – condemn the silent act of the Government of Mexico for the murder and enforced disappearances case of 43 students in 26th of September 2014. It is shameful for the government of Mexico for not showing political willingness and not taking immediate action to resolve the case. The case occurred during the peaceful demonstration of the forty three students in the memorabilia of 2 October 1968.

While the unarmed students were doing the peaceful demonstration in Iguala, they were attacked by the uniformed men in police trucks firing automatic weapons and pinned 25 to 30 students down and arrested them to the police trucks. During this time, there was no visible reaction from the local Army base of the 27th Infantry Battalion, less than five miles away.

We believe that the actions carried out by the Police, Government, and the criminal groups have violated international obligations which Mexico has acceded. In this case, Mexico as the state party to the Convention for the Protections of all Persons against enforced Disappearances (CED), and the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights shall further take immediate steps to resolve this case as its obligation under international human rights law. 

The government of Mexico has violated Article 6 Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to protect the right to life as the non-derogable rights of human being, as well as article 9 relating the right to liberty and security of person, and also the right to freedom of expression which protected under article 19. Moreover, the government of Mexico has violated the CED that no one shall be subjected to enforced disappearance.

According to the investigators, the students were taken to a dump in the outskirts of Ocula, about 15 students died by the time they reached the side. And the others assumed killed by the kidnapper which is suspected has been done by the criminal groups in Mexico that has been working together with the police officer, the military force and local government. This tragedy triggered the worldwide attention and led to a protests and demonstration across Mexico and the action is reading around the world by the civil society organization networking and internet.

This tragedy marked as the biggest political and public security crisis that been known by the worldwide citizen and not only the Mexican citizen who is doing the campaign for the Mexican government to solve the case, but also citizen around the world taking a part by the social media campaign. With this situation, it will influence the reputation of Mexican government whose been failing to protect their own citizen. Because the government apparatus have been doing a violation and disappeared to the civilians and the worst is local government is suspected to be involved in this case.

Therefore, by this letter we would like to urge the Mexican Government to ;

    1. The government to investigate immediately and impartially about the disappearances of the forty three students of the participant in the memorabilia of 2 October 1968.

    2. The government of Mexico to immediately find out the students who were abducted by the security actors.

    3. The government shall ensure the fair trial and punish the suspected of the killing and enforced disappearances of students.

We believe that Mexican Government has a full responsibility to protect the citizen in line with the International Human Rights obligation, therefore it has responsibility to resolve this case immediately and impartially. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Jakarta, 24th  November 2014

Haris Azhar
Executive Coordinator