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Search Results of KontraS: Senayan has Taken Hostage by the Political Pirates

Based on the search results which conducted by the Commission of Disappearances and Victims of Violence [known KontraS] to the members of the Indonesian Parliament elected for the period of 2014 - 2019, there are at least 242 members who have bad track record and allegedly involved in several cases of human rights and law violations before sitting in Senayan [Senayan is the name of Parliament Building]. Number of violation cases involving members of the Parliament are: a) Recorded being defendants of corruption, b) Being the examine of corruption case by the Corruption Eradication Commission, Police, and The Attorney, c) Ever became a suspect in corruption case, d)  Allegedly involved in corruption cases, e) Actively defending the defendant of corruption cases, f) Ever became a human rights violator, g) Have been involved criminal cases, h) Involved in election violation cases, i) Have been received the sanction of conduct by the Honorary Council, j) Have poor attendance records during served as member of the Parliament in previous period.

Based on the record, members of the Parliament who have a bad record comes from the PDIP’s fraction (57 people), Golkar fraction (44 people), Democrat fraction (37 people), Gerindra fraction (24 people), PPP fraction (20 people), PKS fraction (18 people), PAN fraction (16 people), PKB fraction (11 people), and Nasdem fraction (9 people). Hahura fraction (6 people)

Relating to the corruption cases, KontraS notes there are at least 160 names who survived became a member of the Parliament from 2014 to 2019 period. Among them, 5 names have been defendants in number of corruption cases, although released, they are: Mr. Rachmat Hidayat, Mr. Mukhamad Misbakhun, Mr. Azam Azman Natawijana, Mr. Krisna Mukti, and Mr. Achmad Dimyati Natakusumah. The rest of them, 16 names have been suspect in corruption cases, 63 people had been investigated by the Corruption Eradication Commission, Police, and The Attorney related to corruption cases, and 76 names allegedly involved in corruption cases.

KontraS also found 4 members of Parliament were quite keen to defend the defendant of corruption cases, they are: Mr. Rufinus Hotmaulana Hutauruk from Hanura fraction, Mr. Junimart Girsang from PDIP fraction, Mr.  John Kenedy Aziz from Golkar fraction, and Mr. Heri Gunawan from Gerindra fraction.

In addition, another poor record of the Parliament members in this period is involved in the number of human rights violations cases. There are Mr. Muhammad Misbakhun and Mr. Tifatul Sembiring who have been involved in cases of violations of the right to freedom of expression in Indonesia, Mr. Ahmad Noor Supit member of Special Committee on Trisakti and Semanggi II who does not have commitment in human rights since decided there was no serious violations in Trisakti case, Mulyadi involved in cases of intimidation against journalists, and the other number of names that allegedly been nuanced remarks racist and insulting the women dignity.

KontraS also recorded at least 19 names that have been involved in cases of criminal acts such as; beatings, intimidation, fraud, and 38 names involved in the case of election violations, such as; allegedly involved in money politics, installation of campaign tools before the official campaign period, the use of public space for the campaign, exploiting child under the age for campaign activities and conduct campaign activities that are not environmentally friendly. While 16 names recorded have received punishments/sanctions from the Honorary Council, and 52 other names have a poor attendance record.

Track record of the members of Parliament seemed projecting the future fate of the democratic rule of the country. A number of regulations were prepared to pave the way of political pirates to deflect Indonesian democracy to the New Order. The passage of MD3 laws that institutionalize the lust of power and the Election Law that violates the rights of the people, is the way of political pirates to closed down democracy, paralyzing the human rights’ struggle, as well as remove the spirit of eradicating corruption.

There is no other choice for the people, nevertheless to continue oversee democratic processes that uphold human rights by using all available channels to influence people's political positions. In addition, law enforcement officers as an arm of government should also be more daring in law enforcement efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice and prosecute the corruptors, for the sustainability of democracy and human rights in this country.

KontraS,  October 15,  2014