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Ban the Involvement of a Human-Rights Violator in Jokowi-JK’s Government

            Jason Mraz

The Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence (KontraS) – a human rights non-governmental organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia – strongly concern with the election of the new president and vice president of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo [Called Jokowi] and Mr. Jusuf Kalla [Called JK].

First of all, we would like to say thank you for your awareness and support toward the process of democratization in Indonesia. We also thank to you for echoing our Presidential Election through your social media which also shows how far International Community concern about it. Especially in regards to rejecting human rights violator to be Indonesia’s next president.

Based on the result of vote-count released by the General Election Commission (KPU), the 2014 presidential election won by a pair No.2, Jokowi-JK. Through the election, the people of Indonesia gave a mandate to Jokowi-JK to lead Republic of Indonesia in order to realize the ideals of nationhood, as mandated in the Pancasila, the constitution of 1945, and the 1998 Reform Movement, which are: democracy, social justice, and protection of Human Rights. During the campaign, Jokowi-JK is also committed to the ideals of the nation as a guiding principle of their government in the next five years.

However, the struggle continues. Attempts to run those principles are now disturbed by the formation of the Transition Team, in the formulation of government cabinet Jokowi-JK involving person with bad human rights track record, who is Mr. AM Hendropriyono, We note that according to the report of the National Commission on Human Rights [Known Komnas HAM], Mr. Hendro allegedly involve in the past human right abuses which occurred on February 7, 1989 in Talangsari.

Komnas HAM named, as a commander of the Local Military Office [called Korem Garuda Hitam], responsible on the mass killing, enforce disappearances, arbitrary arrest and detention, etc.  In addition, Mr Hendro allegedly also involve in the Killing of Mr. Munir Said Thalib,  which occurred on September 7, 2004. According to the report of the Fact Finding Team [TPF], which established by the President of Republic of Indonesia, Mr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. 

Then, based on the observations of a number of researchers such as Michael S. Malley and Farish A Noor, report of various media, as well as the report of Sidney Jones and team at International Crisis Group in 2003 says that AM Hendropriyono has a reputation as a supporter of the repressive approach in counter-terrorism policy. Due to the reports, the government refused to renew Sidney Jones’ work permit and said would not extend her residency permit when it expires. With such a human rights track record as mentioned above, A.M. Hendropriyono not deserve to be seated in a government that is committed to implement democratic agendas.

There are three main reasons why the appointment of AM Hendropriyono in the Transition Team should be rejected and the transition team should be revised. First, the involvement of A.M. Hendropriyono in Jokowi-JK’s government is contradicted with their commitment to solve the human rights violation cases and protection of victims of human rights violations. Second, the involvement of A.M. Hendropriyono Jokowi-JK’s government potentially hampers the investigation and completion of human rights violations cases. Third, working process of the transition team tends to be elitist and closed which is not in line with the principles of public participation in the political process that has been executed well by Jokowi-JK, which involves people's participatory, open, and full of excitement.

Based on the above considerations, we call upon to you – as one of the international public figure who supports Jokowi-JK – to continue your support for democratization in Indonesia by joining our petition to:

  • Rejecting all forms of engagement of A.M. Hendropriyono in the Jokowi-JK’s government and urge not to involving persons with a poor human rights record in their government over the next five years;
  • Demanding Jokowi-JK’s government will soon re-formed to investigate and solve the human rights violations cases such as the murder of human rights activist Munir, the massacre of citizens in Talangsari Lampung, the kidnapping of the number of activists in 1998, and the other human rights violations cases in accordance with their commitment and their campaign promises;
  • Urges the government of Jokowi-JK to re-structure the composition of the Transition Team and review the process of the formation and work processes that are less democratic and tend to be dominated by the hands of elites, and;
  • Calls upon Jokowi-JK to re-engage the active participation of the people – as it has done in the process of their campaign – in the process of forming their government cabinet in the future.


Jakarta, August 29, 2014

Haris Azhar
Executive Coordinator of KontraS

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