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Munir’s case Solution:

Entering 2008, the Committee of Solidarity Action for Munir (KASUM), is in view that the National Police, the Attorney General and the Supreme Court are no longer serious in revealing the conspiracy behind murder case of Munir, a human rights defender. As a result, some promising facts in 2007 are being reduced.

Based on the result of the court where Indra Setiawan (former Director of Garuda) and Rohainil Aini (Chief Secreatry of Garuda Pilot) as defendant, the three institutions namely the National Police, the Attorney General, and the Court, are not able to bring three key witnesses namely Muchdi Purwopranjono (Former Deputy V of BIN/State Intelligence Agency), As’ad Ali Said (Former Vice Head of BIN) and Hendropriyono (Former Head of BIN). On the other hand, in the court where Pollycarpus Budihari Priyanto as defendant, the Supreme Court has not yet issued its appeal decision (PK=Peninjauan Kembali/Appealing Process).

KASUM is also in view that the three institutions need to carry out important things as follows:

First, the Supreme Court has to issue appeal decision for Polly. The decision should punish Polly and cancel decision made by previous panel of judges of the Supreme Court. Moreover, the decision should describe all the facts found in the court. Those facts clearly show that the murder is involving not only Polly but also high-level officers inside the BIN. It should also consider the facts come up during the court where Indra Setiawan and Rohainil Aini are the accused, in particular facts that linked to the officers of BIN.

Second, the Attorney General (AG) and his team should bring Budi Santoso before the court. This will be considered that the AG is serious in revealing the truth behind conspiracy-based of this murder. Moreover, the AG should also present BIN’s officers and this effort is not only the responsibility of the team who is in charge of the case since they have to work with the Head of BIN during this legal process.

In addition to the two things above, police investigation to As’ad Ali Said, Hendropriyono and Muchdi PR is crucial. This is because from the court held in 2007, it was noticed that there is a systematic plan involving BIN’s officer to murder Munir.

To refresh memories, during the 2007 court, some important facts on the involvement of Polly and Muchdi PR not rejected and not revealed at previous sessions are as follows:

  1. Polly joined the flight on 6 September 2004 with GA 974 based on his own initiative. This fact was found during the court of Indra Setiawan with the agenda, confronting the facts. Rohainil Anil, Karmel Setiawan and Ramelgia Anwar were present at the court. Therefore, the existing procedure has been violated.

  2. Polly has link with BIN since the assignment of Polly as Aviation Secuirty is based on BIN’s request.

  3. Polly has link with Muchdi PR as former Deputy V of BIN. The two have been rejected this fact so far.

  4. Some officers and agents of BIN are also involved in this case.

Also in 2007, the new team of the police showed better performance compared to previous team. However, to date, there is no concrete result to bring the law to allegedly BIN’s officers as there is strong indication that they were involved in this murder’s case.

Also in 2007, BIN and its Head Syamsir Siregar, did not want to fully cooperate in upholding the law. This is because BIN’s agent namely Budi Santoso “does not have willingness” to appear before the court.

Based on the achievements and obstacles in 2007, KASUM strongly demands President SBY to give an order to the Head of BIN to cooperate in the legal process to reveal Munir’s case. The President should also request the Attorney General and the National Police to reveal the facts seriously and bring all necessaries witnesses to the court.

Lastly, KASUM also hopes the court is able to work based on truth and justice. The two should not only be reflected in the formal document but also on the facts come up before the people and wider public.

 Jakarta, 4 January 2008

Komite Aksi Solidaritas Untuk Munir (KASUM)/ the Committee of Solidarity Action for Munir