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Gerakan Melawan Lupa [Movement Against Forgotten]
"National Commission on Human Rights and Attorney General Should Immediately Find 13 Peoples of the Enforce Disappeared by Examining Retired Let. Gen. Prabowo and Retired Major Gen. Kivlan Zein "

The process of disclosure of the gross violations of human rights in 1998 shows an important progress. Mr. Prabowo, who allegedly involves in the kidnapping of student activists in 1997-1998, expressed readiness to provide clarification. Additionally, there is a statement spoken by Kivlan Zein, a Former Staff of Army Strategic Reserve Command in a television program claimed that he know the whereabouts of the 13 activists were remain disappear.

Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil Melawan Lupa [Civil Society Coalition Against Forgotten], saw that Prabowo’s statement is important and should be followed up by the authorized law enforcement agencies, who investigae the case. Moreover, Prabowo is one figure who should be held responsible, because, as the former commander of Special Arm Forces [Kopassus], as well as the boss of Tim Mawar [Tim Mawar was established by Kopassus to kidnap student activists, cannot escape from the responsibility. Executive Summary report of the National Commission on Human Rights, states that the witness’ testimony – 9 people had disappear and, have been released – mentioned that they met with most of the 13 victims were remain disappear in the Post Kotis Cijantung Kopassus’ headquarter, which at that time Prabowo as the commander of Kopassus.

Even towards 9 [nine] victims who have been returned, Prabowo cannot escape from the command responsibility for crimes committed against the nine victims, namely: arbitrary arrests, torture, persecution and deprivation of liberty as stated in the Executive Summary Report of the National Commission on Human Right’s report. Nevertheless, important to note that 9 victims return does not mean that the crime has finished.

Furthermore, the confession of Kivlan Zein  who knows about the kidnapping and enforced disappearance occurred between 1997 and 1998 and the fate of 13 victims were remain disappear, also have to be examined. Explanation of Kivlan Zein is very important as the initial clues to find out the fate and condition of the 13 activists were remain disappear.

Based on the recent progress, the Civil Society Coalition against Forgotten urging the National Commission on Human Rights and the Attorney General to immediately search the 13 disappeared, and examines Prabowo and Kivlan Zein. It is important and urgent, to uphold truth and justice for the victims and their families.

The Civil Society Coalition against Forgotten also urges the entire instrument of state: President, Parliament, National Human Rights Commission, and Attorney General to immediately resolve the case of enforced disappearances through an Ad Hoc Human Rights court, and similarly with the other cases of human rights violations.

Moreover, the Civil Society Coalition against Forgotten stated that Prabowo is inappropriate to become a Candidate of President due to his moral and legal flawed. The rejection of candidates who violate human rights is a form of struggle against forgotten for the sake of promoting democracy, the rule of law, and better respect for human rights values ??and humanity.

Jakarta, May 7th 2014
Gerakan Melawan Lupa [Movement Against Forgotten]:

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