Press Release
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People Movement to Prosecute Soeharto (GEMAS)

Every time Soeharto is in the hospital, as happened on January 4, 2008, all supporters of the New Order always aks to clean his name and release him from all charges of crime he committed during his 32 years administration.

The demand is articulated by one level in national politic elite proposed by Golkar Party. They are asking the government, in this case President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Attorney General Hendarman Supandji, to close the case of Soeharto.

In details, these New Order supporters are asking President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to issue official decision stopping the case of Soeharto. According to them, the decision is based on health condition of Soeharto currently. In addition, President Susilo should also issue amnesty and abolition for Soeharto. The amnesty should be given before the verdict.

Furthermore, they also ask the Attorney General Hendarman Supandji to use opportunity right in stopping Soeharto’ case. In accordance with article 35c Law on Attorney General, such authority belongs to the Attorney General.

Meanwhile, the people, in particular victims of human rights violations, whose rights in economy, social and culture, have been grabbed for 32 years, could not forget that Soeharto as the leader of New Order regime to date has never been responsible for his serious crimes.

Discontinuing the case of Suharto, is not only morally and legally incorrect, but it will increase the lack of credibility of Indonesia law, before international community as well as Indonesian people. This is unacceptable because Indonesia is claiming as a country based on law.

Given those facts, GEMAS herewith states:


Welcoming Attorney of General Hendarman Supandji rejection to stop all cases involving Soeharto. By doing this, it will create bad precedence in Indonesian law with regard to cases involving former high government officers in the past.


Asking President not to issue amnesty/abolition in Soeharto’ case before the verdict since it will jeopardize the face of Indonesian law.


Requesting Komnas HAM to quickly reveal human rights violations occurred under Soeharto administration.


Asking all government officers to carry out consitituional mandate and reform agenda consistently for the sake of the country.

Jakarta, 8 January 2008

Gerakan Masyarakat Adili Soeharto (GEMAS)/ People Movement to Prosecute Soeharto (GEMAS)