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We condemn the attack and execution of four people in Sleman Penitentiary, Yogyakarta. The action cannot be justified for any reason and seriously threatens our democracy and the reputation of our law enforcement agencies. The act of extrajudicial killing has no part in a democracy based on the rule of law.

The President should not overlook these attacks and the implication of their effects on the Indonesian legal system. Indeed, the recent violent acts committed by police and/or military forces in South Sumatra and Yogyakarta should be the prevailing concerns of the President. He should be focused on investigating these acts and holding parties responsible rather than concerning himself with the distracting “possible coup d’état” or internal politics raging within his own political party. If these acts of violence carry on, Indonesia could become a failed state.

We urge the Indonesian police to investigate the executions in Yogyakarta and not cover them up. The police should be brave enough to find out who is behind this tragedy. The attack was well organized, planned, and committed by trained individuals with a professional knowledge of weapons. This can be intuited from the systematic, quick, and tactical nature of the attack that was committed with the use of high-powered weapons, including AK-47s, FN five-seven pistols and grenades.

The police should focus on the link between the Sleman Penitentiary and the acts allegedly committed by the four victims of these executions. That is likely the key to uncovering the persons responsible for these heinous crimes. Moreover, the police should explore more deeply the stance of the Deputy Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Denny Indrayana, who hinted at the alleged involvement of the Indonesian Military (TNI). Additionally, we urge law enforcement officer to work more professionally when handling cases, particularly urging them to depart from the long-held tradition of corruption that continues to be a prevailing issue.

Because of repeated violations and acts of lawlessness committed by the Indonesian Military in this era of reformation, we urge the government and the parliament to immediately take action on the Military Jurisdiction Reform Agenda by revising Law no. 31/1997. As a nation committed to upholding the principle of equality before the law, members of the Indonesian Military who are charged with perpetrating crimes should be tried and punished the same as any other citizen.

The basis for military jurisdiction reform has actually already been laid in Law no. 34/2004, Article 65. The passage of a comprehensive military reform agenda would hopefully positively contribute to decreasing violent acts and violations of law perpetrated by members of the Indonesian military.


Jakarta, March 24, 2013
The Civil Society Coalition For Security Sector Reform
(Imparsial, KontraS, YLBHI, Elsam, HRWG, ICW, LBH Pers, Ridep Institute, LBH Jakarta, IDSPS, Lespersi, KSPI)


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