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After Husaini’s death, KontraS is asking if the analysis made by the police and the doctos is accurate

KontraS aceh is aksing justification of the analysis made by the doctor and the police. The analysis mentioned Husaini’s death is due to the pain on his lungs. The analysis contradicts with testimonies of Husaini’s families and people who buried Husaini’s dead body since they found marks on the body caused by violence activities. KontraS Aceh also has audio visual recording of Husaini’s dead body shortly before he was buried. It shows clear evidence that he was beaten on his body, legs and face.

In addition, KontraS also said it was a disappointing case since the Police did not invite a lawyer for Husaini as stipulated in the Law. Moreover, Husiani’s family also said that they could not visit Husaini when he was in jail as no permission granted. Those facts show that the police have not followed legal procedure during the investigation process to Husaini. The police have also tortured Husiani during this process.

Considering the fact that similar case like this already happened in the past, between the conflict era and two years after the peace agreement (Tanjong Beuridi case, Indra Makmur case), we are in view that the police has failed in performing their duties and they have allegedly committed to serious human rights violation by torturing people. This has been supported by statement of Special Advisor of The United Nations on Torture Elimination, Mr. Manfred Nowak, during his visit to Indonesia in November 2007. Mr. Novak is reported by one media arrived at the police office when the victims was beaten. He felt very sorry and disappointed to some intimidations took place in the jail. Mr. Novak received details on the type of torture and this has been supprted by the analysis from medical expert. The victims were beaten by empty hands, rattan stick, cable, iron stick and hammer. (, 23/11/2007).

Based on the facts above, KontraS Aceh demands Komnas HAM as institution in charge to perform investigation process on all the findings of torture activities in particular with regard to Husaini’s case. The regular mechanism will be ineffective since experience shows that the police tend to cover up and protect the perpetrators.

Banda Aceh, 15 January 2008

Working Body of KontraS Aceh


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