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2317 Sep 2014

Lobby to Embassies Regarding The Humanitarian Tragedy in Gaza

Our deep concern on the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza has led KontraS and our student network to take the initiative on lobbying several embassies to address the issue. We targeted to lobby some embassies which have the good political bargain on this issue, such as the member of United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the key negotiator of the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the member of Organization of American States (OAS).

On 14 of August, we met with the ambassador H.E M.L Suleiman from Nigerian Embassy. Niger is part of non-permanent member of United Nations who also supported the Independence of Palestine. The Palestine Liberation organization also has an office in Niger, while Niger also maintain the relations with Israel. They also support the UNSC Resolution for the establishment of the Commission of Inquiry next year. At the end of the dialogue, Niger stated to keep trying to have dialogue between the conflicted two parties in order to have the long-term peace.

On 19 of August, we met with the embassy of Venezuela and Argentine to talk about the same issue. On the dialogue with the Venezuelan embassy, we found out the distrust of Venezuela towards United Nations on its capability and capacity to resolve this long time conflict. Therefore, they act on their own capacity to give support to Palestine with humanitarian aid and political support. The Venezuelan Embassy also no longer has bilateral relation with the Israeli government after the Israeli government started to attack Palestinian territory on 2009. While, Argentinian Embassy has also support Palestine people in the different way. Argentinian Government with the Jewish population on its country, has trying to maintain the bilateral relation with Israel and Palestine, and also emphasize on diplomacy way.

The fourth and last country that we have a dialogue with is the Embassy of Egypt. The egyptian embassy has work together with the Arab League, United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation to defending the right of Palestinian people.  While the cease-fire initiated by Egypt has been imposed since the end of August.

From all the lobby to the several embassy, our main demands are, inter alia; a) encourage them to build a long-time peace between the conflicting parties by tackling the root cause to end the cycle of violence, b) To faster the establishment of the commission of inquiry to investigate the gross human rights violations in the conflict area, because the gross human rights violations could not be negotiated in political dialogue  and last but not least is to gain international support to accept the two-state solution.