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Terima Kasih
1701 Feb 2010

Reflection Night of 100 Day of SBY : Bring Them Back!

Reflection Night of 100 Day of SBY : Bring Them Back!

"..... Mr. SBY, please return those who are still missing. If they still alive returned them to their families, If they dead show where their grave. We have waited too long to our children - our children do not come back until today ........."

Those a piece of statement of Nurhasanah, a mother of disappeared student on 1998, during the night of reflection and prayer for the 13 victims of enforced disappearances of activists from 1997 to 1998, on Sunday (31/01). This event was initiated by Kontras, IKOHI and Democratic People's Family (KBRD) and the various elements of civil society who were present and assembled in Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (HI).

The event started at 6.30 pm. It was begun with lighted 100 candles lit and 13 kerosene lamp. That number adjusted to 100-day momentum SBY-Boediono government and the 13 lanterns representing the 13 people still missing. Meanwhile, the participants of action spread out some banners and billboards, stated that "100 Days of SBY; Bring those who are still missing."

Lighting candles and lanterns are a symbol of the spirit of the victim's family to continue to find families who are still missing. The event is hosted by Sinnal Blegur (IKOHI) and Chrisbiantoro (Kontras) allows participants to deliver speeches. In his oration Mugiyanto, IKOHI, highlight the issue of the ignorance of the government to follow up the political recommendations by the Parliament on 28 September 2009. Mugi specifically states "searching for 13 missing’s victims and fulfill the reparation must be a government priority." After that, oration followed by Yati Andriyani (Kontras). Yati in oration stressed "forced disappearance is one of the methods to silence civil society movements. Munir even the most diligent advocate for the case of forced disappearances also omitted his life. "

Afterwards, the oration followed by representatives of each organization in attendance, such as KBRD, PBHI, LBH Jakarta, Muhammadiyah Youth Association (IMM), Indonesia Net Movement (GiB). In addition to the organization representatives, Mrs. Endang from East Java also give solidarity and demand justice for the combustion that happened to her son to death.

The event also punctuated by poetry readings of Wiji Thukul read by Icha of KBRD titled "Flower and the Wall" and sang several movement songs including ‘Satukanlah’ dan ‘Darah Juang’ . The event then concluded with prayer and hope that chaired by Ustad Maman, from Nahdatul Ulama who specifically present to provide support and solidarity to the families of the victims of enforced disappearances.