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Terima Kasih
1521 Des 2009



Monday, 21st December 2009, KontraS, IDSPS, INFID, Remdec, Praxis, Propatria Institute, ICJR, IOM and POLICE evens out World's Human Rights  and Anti Corruption day with exhibits watch With “ The Dreamers ”, one of Riri Riza's film and producer by Mira Lesmana, at senayan's Plaza XXI, Jakarta. This film constitute sequel of Laskar Pelangi Film that adopted of book written by Andrea Hirata. This film relates about little schooled student lives at Belitung who dreams and fight render their rights get education, even life in beggary and alive at devastated region.
sang pemimpiThis event was attended by 300 consisting of invitation Police delegation, NGO and Indonesian National Commissions. This film show also attended by Riri Riza, Mira Lesmana and the actor Lukman Sardi.
The event started by sharing about dream for Indonesian, notably dreamy to Police institution. Driven by Jay Wijayanto, one of The Dreamer's actor and Effendi Ghazali. Riri Riza declares for his dream that Police can live welfare with what they suppose to be. Teten Masduki, an anti corruption's activist bear out that dream about society feels secure close to Police. While Indria Fernida, KontraS expects a simple easier communication with Police to build relationship in society, notably law protection if violence scene happenings. Irjen Pol. Nanan Soekarna, The Head of Police Public Relation Division hopes that each Police member can protect and services society. It also bears out good welcome all proposals for remedial Police. Before event is begun, all audience is asked out to sing "Indonesia Pusaka" song together.

“This occasion is a symbol of our appreciation of a renowned Indonesian film which deals
honestly and respectfully with the complexity of modern Indonesia while providing insight into the lives of real Indonesians,” says IOM Police Reform Programme coordinator Monica Tanuhandaru.

Inspector General Nanan Soekarna, head of the INP Public Relations Division, says he hopes
“that the film will provide inspiration for development and help ensure justice for the Indonesian people.”

Coordinator Usman Hamid from KontraS praises Sang Pemimpi for the inspiration it provides."This film proves the dream that is the bridge for hope and aspiration. Let us dream and walk this road together to realize our dream of a country that appreciates its arts and the basic rights of its people.”