30 Jul 2015
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30 July 2014 - Of all the agonizing hardships that a person has to face, it is the excruciating pain of waiting without certainty, which is the worst. A woman's profound love endures a long wait. The relentless struggle in waiting with uncertainty amidst all odds for the return of a loved one is an important strength Amina Masood, Chairperson of Defence for Human Rights of Pakistan, has as she commemorates today her husband's 10th anniversary of disappearance.  detail

09 Jul 2015
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Civil Society Declaration
Demand The Real Justice For Victims of Human Rights Violations in Indonesia

The completion of the gross human rights violation cases that occurred in the past was part of the reformation mandates, as been pointed to the 2000 Upper House Representative Provision (TAP MPR) Number V regarding the Strengthening Unity and National Integrity. It is absolute for the state to take legal steps to guarantee the existence of the process of “abuse of power disclosure and human rights past abuses.  detail

26 Jun 2015
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On the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, 26 June 2015
Accountability for Acts of Torture is the Key to Preventing Repetition

Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR) is working with KontraS (Indonesia), the National Peace Council (Sri Lanka), AssociacaonChega Ba Ita (Timor-Leste),and Wimutti Volunteer Group (Myanmar) to strengthen the voices of torture survivors in their struggle for accountability and dignity. Together we have documented 200 testimonies from victims of torture, using participatory tools that integratemethods to assist victims to heal and empower themselves.  detail

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  10 Apr 2013
Killings Stir Questions on Indonesia Military Overhaul
Soon after midnight on March 23, a group of heavily armed, masked men forced their way inside a prison near the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta and summarily executed four recently arrived detainees with gunshots to the head.
30 Des 2012
Indonesia busca justicia para sus desaparecidos
Hace 15 años Haris Ashar fue detenido y torturado con unos 30 compañeros de la Universidad mientras se manifestaba contra el gobierno autoritario de Suharto en Indonesia
03 Mar 2011
Kontras warns SBY against Gerindra coalition
The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) has urged president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to drop any plan to form a political coalition with the Great Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra), saying the move would represent a major setback for human rights in the country.
02 Mar 2011
Activists Urge New Legal Steps Against Former Spy Chief Over Munir’s Murder
Activists on Tuesday said the Attorney General’s Office should now have enough ammunition to launch further legal action against former top intelligence official Muchdi Purwoprandjono,
  4 Jun 2015
Workshop for Indonesian Lawyers on Safeguards for Fair Trials in Death Penalty Cases

The Workshop was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 4 & 5 June 2015. The first day of the workshopexplored the issue of death penalty from the perspectives of international human rights laws and situated them in the Indonesian context. On the last day of the workshop, the participants were actively engaged in the strategic planning and drafting of follow up recommendations that serve as rough guidelines for the participants to kickstart a comprehensive, national campaign to abolish death penalty after the Workshop. In sum, the Workshop marked a milestone in the country's journey to end the practice of death penalty. It was first to produce a wide coalition of legal practitioners and CSOs spread across the country from Aceh to Papua, all united in a common goal to end death penalty in Indonesia.  detail